Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you provide a quick quote?
Do you have a brief format?
How much does video production cost?
Can you help us with a script for our video?
I've got a tight deadline, how quickly can Streeem produce a video for me?
What is the difference between virtual and live event streaming?
What is a hybrid event?
Will there be any additional costs after the proposal?
What are your payment terms?
How big will the crew be for our live event?
How big is the kit you will be bringing to our event?
Can you include graphics in our video?
Will you supply music for our video?
Can you create subtitles?
Can you provide live captions?
How many feedback opportunities do we get?
How long does the editing take?
Are we able to update a video in future?
Do you keep copies of all or our footage?
Can you put our video on YouTube for us?
Can you host our video for us?
Our event is in X-location, will you come here to stream it
Can you help us record a podcast?
streeem can do that thumb

What types of videos do you shoot?

Literally, anything and everything - if you can think it, Streeem can do that.